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100% Natural, Handmade & Healthy clay pot for cooking. Made in MOROCCO.

Is clay good for cooking?

Safe as well as healthy too! Not only do they give the dish a smokey flavor, but also restore the pH value of the food.

Benefits of cooking clay pots

1. Neutral the pH level
2. Economical
3. Adds more nutrients
4. Maintains the nutritive value

How to prepare clay pot for cooking

1. First rinse and wash it well. Use a scrubber.
2. Scrub it well, rinse and wash the clay pots well.
3. After washing soak the clay pots need to fill in plain water for 1 day. After you soak you can hear a slight sizzle sound if you note it keenly there are small pores in the clay pots so when water enters the first time you can hear that mild sound.
4. Next day again scrub and wash it, soak in starch water(rice cooked water) or rice washed water for 3 days. Daily make it a point to change the starch water.
5. Wash it again sundry it. Now add ghee or coconut oil.
6. Spread it well on both the sides back and top. Sundry it for 2 -3 hrs until the oil is completely absorbed and is dry. Now add ghee or coconut oil, switch on the stove.
7. Add 1-2 tbsp grated coconut and saute it well so that the coconut and oil spread all over the inside of the pan. Saute until golden.
8. Do it for both the pans. Now remove the coconut add water along with turmeric powder let it come to a boil. Switch off and dry under the sun. Now your clay pots are ready to use.


How do I know when to discard the clay pot:
1. Mild cracks will start to form at the back of the pot then it is not advisable to use it for cooking. You can use the pot for gardening.
2. It may start to leak and ooze out oil at the back, then it’s time to discard.

Package includes,
1. 1 Clay pot
2. Free Lid


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